Our goal to keep adding new Check Point courses for ATCs is challenged by the increase in cloud costs. This price adjustment will more accurately reflect the value users get from the CloudLabs platform and will make room for innovations and new integrations so that we can continue to serve you better. 

Spektra Systems has turned 5 years old this year and we’re scaling our team to accelerate CloudLabs innovation. CloudLabs remain committed to offering you the quality you deserve and look forward to. We have found a way to minimize the price increase to the least possible amount to remain one of the most affordable solutions out there, while still achieving consistent quality. 

We have revised our prices on CCSA/ CCTA / CCAS / CCES / CCVS Labs effective 1st September 2021. The revised prices are:  


Old Price

New Price 

For the first 20 Hours 75 USD 100 USD 
Additional Per Hour 2.5 USD 3 USD 
The cost of the CCSE/CCTE/CCMS Lab course remains the same.

This pricing change will not affect any other existing labs. But as a current CloudLabs customer, we want to keep you informed about the change. 

Thank you for choosing CloudLabs and we hope to continue our association for years to come.